Thursday, 7 June 2007

Wedsnesday 6th June 07

A very full and busy day, including a good session of volunteering at St Nicks, a cycle to town to pick up recyclables and a productive York Green Festival meeting followed by a late night recording it.

The St Nicks stint followed taking the boys to school, I had to be at the Environment Centre by about 10 for a school group, and I took 3 groups and did a composting talk/question and answer session in about 15 mins each. Then they did a game/exercise with John and I was the scribe, writing things down as fast as possible.

Met up with Jo for lunch and we ate at the stone circle and enjoyed the John Lally Wood which is beginning to be a proper wood, with a canopy and a space beneath the trees.

Came home with a bit of time to spare before fetching the kids. Then zoomed down to town and picked up a load of recycling and came home and ate some of it.

After tea, went off to the Blue Bell to pick up the keys for space 109 and spotted something outside Lloyds TSB which I couldn't help but to go back and investigate... a pile of large flat cardboard sheets with large posters in amongst them... perfect for making a placard for the bike ride on Friday! They went in my trailer... reuse!

Then to Space 109 and tiptoed past the community meeting to the back room, where met up with several York Green Festivalers and we had a good meeting... but that's in another blog!

Up til 1.30 on the computer...

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