Friday, 22 June 2007

Thursday 21st June 07 , Summer Solstice

A funny day, recovering from the BBC filming and doing various things to try to keep the York Green Festival organising from stalling.

However I started by taking the kids to school and then soon after that had my LETS friends Patric and Jo come to buy 2 big sacks of compost off me, for 20 Yorkys, and then Tom from Freecycle came and picked up a bag of mulch, the stuff which doesn't go through the riddle and has lots of sticks and lumps in it. He was nice and said he might visit again and buy some compost off me.

Then spent lots of time on the phone and some on the computer. In the afternoon I found my bike's right pedal had somehow come loose and I rang Cycle Heaven and they said just bring it in.

So after picking up the kids, I took it in, they couldln't believe it, how do I manage to wreck my bike so completely? They said it would need replacing and so I went to visit Pauline who lives close by, and chatted and when her grand-daughter came in, and needed feeding, I chopped a load of wood for her. Picked up the mended bike and got home after 6, not much time before going to the YGF meeting.

This went well, with two new people fron BTCV who want to have a stall and possibly have bird-box making, or a tree-dressing, or a tree-trail/quiz.... I told them that all those things would be fine and a good addition to the event.

Came home and at 10 went to St Nicks stone circle to meet up with any othe Solstice Celebrants, but there was only one, a student called Victoria, so I made up a small bonfire and we chatted for a couple of hours, got on very well, an interesting evening.

Got in after midnight and spent time with Gilly before retiring to the oh so welcome bed.

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