Saturday, 23 June 2007

Saturday 23rd June 07

Woken by torrential rain... and I'm working today at the Cyclist's Touring Club Cycle Rally on the Knavesmire this weekend, so I'm expecting to work in the undercover area with 'hard-standing', because what I do doesn't work on wet grass, so I've already decided where I'll be working.

I got to the site after 10am and set up in the covered dry area, after telling the organisers where I was. I had a busy day, lots of 'punters' to try out the four-wheel-unicycle (pedal-go) and the two-wheel-unicycle (fun wheels) and quite a few had a try at the genuine one wheeler. My brother in law Mike showed up, as he has been a keen cyclist, although hasn't done much over the past couple of years.

At lunchtime Gill and the boys turned up, so I closed the show, locked up my bike and bungeed on my unicycles on top of my trailer, which is how they are transported. Had a good wander around with the family and ate lunch. Enjoyed watching bicycle polo!

Got back to my pitch to find someone had unbungeed my unicycles and removed one of them, the largest of the 3 smaller ones, which is about the right size for large children or adults. I couldn't report this as stolen as I immediately had customers, so I just got on with my work. However a cycling policeman came past and I had a word with him, and he told me that there was a police station on site, and I should report it stolen there. I had a busy afternoon, but at 4pm I packed it in and went to report it to the police and the organisers.

What a bummer, I'm more annoyed that I won't be able to do my full range of workshops without it than the hassle of replacing it.

On the way home I popped into the rail station to get train tickets for my trip to the Big Green Gathering, and came home via the veg shop for a pick up of the usual biodegradables, 2 sacks worth.

Gill made tea, a good rice and veg dish, which was lovely. I did a stint in the garden afterwards, and planted some beans and yams, as well as loading up a dalek composter with 3 sacks worth.

Enjoyed Glastonbury on the telly...

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