Monday, 25 June 2007

Monday 25th June 07

I took the children to school in the pouring rain, as Gill isn't feeling good after her fall yesterday, and when we arrived, the bike sheds were empty... everybody else had come 'not on bikes' (can I assume they came by car?) but as I was leaving, one other child arrived on his cycle, so we're not the only Greens in the village...

As Gill's nose was looking wonky, not just scraped, I told her to go to A and E to be checked out, so she called a taxi. I went back to bed as exhausted after weekend, but only dozed for an hour and then came down to do some emailing and washing up. Lit the stove to get hot water for said washing up, and to help dry the sodden clothes, as raining very hard this morning.

Gilly came in after 1pm, and had been to her opticians to sort out her mashed glasses... they twisted them back into a usable shape, but as she has an eye test next week, she'll wait til then to replace the scratched lenses.

I had a domestic afternoon, also thinking about what to write for my Community Care Blog, which should be in today.

Got the kids from school, and then went to town for my usual pick up of compostables, Gill made a lovely tea for us all, a veg stew with broad beans and a mashed potato topping...

I spent some more time in bed snoozing after tea, but at 7 got up and did some writing and then went into the garden to put stuff on heaps and pick some loganberries which are ripening and with this rain will go mouldy if not picked.

A late night as lots to do on the computer...

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