Sunday, 10 June 2007

Saturday 9th June 07

A suprise phone call first thing, at about 9am. It was my friend in America, who'd expected to be able to 'Googletalk' last night, and for some reason I didn't manage to make contact with her and she waited for ages for me to come on line. She was a bit mad with me, as we have chatted justabout every night for I don't know how long, and when unexpectedly we didn't it was a disappointment, especially when she had wanted to hear about how the cycle ride had gone on, and I'd said to her that I was looking forward to chatting with her. Oh dear I hate upsetting people and when I make a mistake it sometimes comes back to get me. I attempted to apologise, explain and make excuses but in the end I am just a flawed and fallible human.

Anyway spent some good time with the family after this, then went to buy bread and cereal and did a bit of stuff in the garden and spent a bit of time before lunch on the computer.

At about 2.30 I was ready with stuff for Mark and Jennifer's leaving party and the LETS Freecycle event soon afterwards. I cycled with the boys and Gill followed soon afterwards.

We are sorry that M + J are moving, they're off to Hebden Bridge and although we don't see them very often, we are fond of each other and their son is the same age as our eldest and they get on well, so they'll be missed. We got there on the stroke of 3 and played with the kids and played frisbee, Gill arrived and I had to go to St Nicks for 4 for the start of the LETS Freecycle. (did you notice three fours/fors in a row there?)

This was under-attended with between 20 and 30 people there in total, although I met some new folks and enjoyed myself. Steven from LETS did a puppet show, which impressed me... it was a simple batman and joker thing in a Punch and Judy type stall and the kids loved it. Then he did an excellent ventriloquist act with a Kermit type frog, I was very impressed... I'll ask him if he wants to do something at the York Green Festival.

The balloon modelling with kiddies was ok, kids always like balloons, and the BBQ got started up and then Ben and I did the quiz, which was really good as there were five teams and just five prizes... which meant that the winning team (Steven and his wife Alison) got the first choice, the second team, second choice and every team got something which was good.

The band arrived, it was two members of 'Low Ground' with guests from 'Funkate' and they played a short set but there were so few people there that it was not worth going on and on.

So we packed up and as it was only 10pmish I went back to Jen and Mark's and stayed there til midnight, good to see my friend Andy and met several other interesting people.

Home to Gill who'd stayed at the party til after 9pm and the boys had had a brilliant time.

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