Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tuesday 19th June 07

A very enjoyable day as the team from BBC Inside Out came and I spent the day in the garden doing what I really enjoy, managing my many compost heaps and telling an interested person about them. They were interested in the composting, building a heap, riddling, the compost loo, the roadkill, food growing ect etc.

The filming took 2 hrs in the morning and longer in the afternoon. They also filmed Gill picking raspberries. They will film in the shop tomorrow morning, and then film the sorting out of the materials, and then my other recycling activities from the litter bin in front of the house, which is actually illegal, according to the Council person I've been corresponding with. Then after lunch we'll go to St Nicks to meet a novice composter, so I can do my York Rotters bit and explain how and why. After this they'll film the kids playing in the garden after school, then we'll be finished. It'll go out in September.

The only other things which happened today were bike related.... Cycle Heaven phoned me first thing and we discussed what happened last night with my wheel coming loose, and the shop sent a mobile mechanic out, who showed me how to sort out my bike... I'm not used to quick release wheels. Then after school, Gill went to visit another mum who has a bike for sale, suitable for our youngest. She bought it for just £10!

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