Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tuesday 26th June 07

An early start and I took the boys in to school, in the fine rain. I had to do lots of stuff inside, more York Green Festival stuff connected with insurance and licencing.

But as it was a lovely day, I did do some stuff outside, including a lot of hedge cutting, at the front ( I slipped off the logpile whilst standing on it, and bloodied my thumb, not badly though )

Also cut hedge at the back, and did some shredding, whilst Gill started to sort out my accounts from last financial year.

At midday I went to St Nicks and had lunch with Jo, who's had a holiday in the Channel Islands and enjoyed the break, but now back to the grindstone and working very hard. We had a good chat, not long enough really, as had an appointment at 1pm with a student who's moving house and wanted to have some info on moving her compost bin. The new occupants of the house may take it over, though.

Got the kids at 3.15, they bombed home on bikes and I had more time in the garden.

In the evening, I did my emails, chatted to my friend K in America on Googletalk, and blogged, and listened to Radio 4 about Glastonbury, all at the same time.

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