Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday 12th June 07

Up early, and as eating breakfast wrote my blog for yesterday, and then got ready for Catherine visiting, the new York Rotters project manager. But then got a phone call from her saying that the BBC were filming St Nicks this morning and John had to be out with them, so she had to stay in the office, so she'll come next week.

I did a bit of garden and then did a load of computer stuff until lunch when Gill came back from the Physio, with her legs in lots of pain.

A quiet post lunch time, washing up and some paperwork, phone calls, and then went to school and picked up the boys. Gill did tea for the boys and I then did ours, which was fried tofu cubes, carefully done on all 6 sides, then added chopped onion and some oyster mushrooms which have appeared on a new log, they're pearl oyster, really white, and home-made sweet pepper paprika, olives and cherry toms. This on some boiled rice and green beans. was delicious.

After tea I gathered together my remaining sweetcorn plants, about 20 of them, and went to the lottie where I have got a space for them, and a lot of finished, mature compost to put into the planting holes to help them on their way. I planted them and did some weeding and compost management, and got home just before 10pm, Gill making scones.

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