Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday 29th June 07

Another day which started early and with difficult children, both bolshy and shouting at me about my trying to get them to hurry up getting ready for school. Didn't need this, I was feeling grotty and a bit more short-tempered than usual but so were they, it's Friday and nearly the end of term.

Anyway, they got to school in time and I apologised for being short-tempered and for hurrying them when it wasn't entirely neccessary, and they went in a bit more reassured, I hope.

Got home and launched myself into my YGF Risk Assessment, and spent the next 3 hours doing this. It's looking good, but is tonight only half finished.

Our Dutch friend Maria came round for a pre-lunch chat, and had lunch. I went to town after and did my compost pick up and visited the Council offices to get a 'Fete' licence for York Green Festival, this allows us to have traders there. Came back via Heslington Rd greengrocers for more compostables.

Then straight to school, with a card for Wangie and Fu who are leaving to go and live in Reading, as Fu has got a Professorship (in telecommunications) at the University. We'll miss them and their lovely son who's good friends with ours.

Gill made tea for the boys, and after that I played rough and tumble with them, but got worn out and went for a sleep, being woken for my tea - pasta - at 7pm.

In the evening I was very pleased that my friend K in Georgia has decided to help form GA Carbon Rationing Action Group, the second CRAG in the US. This after I forwarded the news of the first one forming in Maryland, and their contact details. I'm so proud of her, and happy with my growing international influence! Feels good.

I joined a group called vskips, a 'virtual skip site' who want me to do a piece about my recycling activities for their website. It looks really interesting!

Didn't get much more RA done.

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