Thursday, 26 July 2018

Wednesday 25th July 18

An early start as I had a gig at the Minster School Summer Playscheme, but we needed bread so I popped into Thomas The Baker on Tang Hall Lane for Yesterbake. Cycled along to the Route 66 Sustrans cycle track and popped out of that at Heworth Green, and by 9.50 was at the Minster, and I had an audience of between 30 and 40 children, who saw my Professor Fiddlesticks Circus Skills Show and Workshop - followed by a free-play workshop. I finished at about 12.15 and had a chat with the team leader about next week's visit where I'm taking in a range of compost-related things, including 'minibeasts'. Then I cycled home, had a bit of a rest and had lunch.

I rang Alligator to see if they wanted me to come and do the tree work they'd asked me to do, they were happy with that so I told them I'd be with them for 3.30. They have a Laurel which needs to be trimmed now and again, so I loaded my huge ladder onto the trailer, my battery chainsaw, Fiskars loppers and heavy-duty secateurs. The work wasn't that difficult; just cutting off some of the branches which were poking up higher than wanted. However this produced 2 trailer-loads of vegetation - I took one back at half five and left the rest to be picked up tomorrow. It was hot work, but I was glad to get it done today rather than leaving it as the weather is due to get hotter over the next few days.

Cycled home and unloaded trailer, went with Gill to the Co-op, and I carried the shopping back. Then I shredded the Laurel, enjoying the almond smell, which is in fact cyanide. Not a great idea to breath too much of that in. It has no effect on the ability of the material to compost down. 

I then dealt with another enquiry, someone asking if anyone wanted to pick up a pallet, and I chopped this up to get it in the trailer.

So, an extremely busy day working and volunteering.