Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Wednesday 20th June 07

A second day filming with BBC Inside Out, they came at 10am and met me at the veg shop, to film me picking up compostables... unsold produce, for a penny per sack! We did this to differentiate between 'waste' (which it is from their point of view) and 'resources' which I believe it is. If it is waste, offences are being committed as they have a duty to dispose of it in an official way, and I don't have a waste carrier's licence... so I officially buy the materials!

Richard at Martin's Country Fresh was happy to have his two and a half seconds of fame and pass the two sacks over and accept my two pence! We filmed various bits there, several takes to make it possible to edit together a good bit of film.

The next bit was at home, sorting through the materials, and there were lots of carrots, slightly blemished, but pukka enough for soup. They filmed Gill peeling them and chopping them for the soup, whilst chatting about life with me and what she thought of our green lifestyle. Then we did a bit about my 100% illegal recycling waste deposited in the litter bin outside our house, but they didn't film me doing anything illegal! Phew!

They did a bit of me and Gill in the garden, and then we went to St Nicks to meet up with Louise, a lady who wants to start composting and didn't know how. So I assumed my Rotters persona and talked her through the basics. There was an interview with Gary Haq who works for the Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York, researching ecofootprints, developing carbon calculators and the like. He had introduced Louise to the film crew and that's why she was included in the film about 'being green'. Finally, came back home to meet the boys, film them on the trampoline and do a quick interview about Daddy's composting.

So a long day, busy and tiring.

Enjoyed the update edition of It's Not Easy Being Green, with the Strawbridges helping various people green up.

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