Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Monday 18th June 07

Got up just before the boys left for school, and when Gill got in she was in tears as our eldest child was horrible and very badly behaved and is just about impossible to be with right now. I'll take them tomorrow as he doesn't mess me around.

Spent some time chatting and doing a little bit of housework before Catherine the new York Rotters worker came for a visit. We had a tour of the garden and then a cuppa, taking an hour before she left again.

I then bombed into town to take my bike to Cycle Heaven who are giving it a service, and on their Filibus bike, went to the bank and building society to do phone bill, cheque for phone book advert and pay in a couple of cheques from recent gigs.

Back for a late lunch, Gill had done a big clean-up and tidy, ready for the TV tomorrow. I did some tidying outside, and at 3 went to get the boys. They were very well behaved on the way home. I continued sorting stuff out in the front, as it's got very untidy with all the other things going on in my life.

At 5.30 I went to Cycle Heaven on the Filibus and picked up my old bike, suppsedly now roadworthy. I often do 'round trips' as this is more Permaculture than doing special journeys, and so I went on with my journey to my friend Y's house... she's fed up with her fly strewn compost bin and has given it to me. I was halfway there when the back wheel came loose and the wheel started to rub against the frame when I pedalled. I could push it, and scoot, but not cycle. I picked up the compost bin and sack of contents, and planted a cucumber plant in it's place.

I then walked and scooted home, via Out Of This World for a small pick up, and walked back home, getting in at 7pm, feeling pretty upset. I need my bike for tomorrow's filming and the shop doesn't open til 10.30 tomorrow or Weds, so I don't know when I'll get my bike fixed, it's infuriating.

I made my own tea, and did more work outside til 9.45, came in and showered as was smelly, and collapsed for a bit before doing emails, blog and chat.

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