Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Monday 18th September 17, Launch of Two Rivers Radio

Quite an exciting day as York's new online radio station, Two Rivers Radio was launched, broadcasting from The Corner Pin pub on Tanner Row, in the centre of York.  I was keen to listen as I'm starting my monthly show in a fortnight, and I wanted to get a feel for the thing.  So I listened on-and-off for the first three hours from just after midday, before I had to do some work outside.

I did quite a big pick from the back garden.... hazelnuts, the last of the walnuts, pears from the 'Family Tree', James Grieve apples, nasturtium seeds for salting and pickling.

I composted a vast pile of bread.

Then I had to take the hot water urns back to Red Tower and pick up the Edible York gazebos and cycled them up to the Dormouse where the apple pick was just beginning. I had my long extendable picker and was able to get a couple of trays of nice eaters, and went with some others to try to find a pear tree, which we did eventually find. The difficulty was, the tree was so big the pears were too high up to be able to get, although I did reach a dozen or so.

At 8pm it was the Edible York AGM and I sensibly didn't get myself put forward to become a trustee. I was glad to be there but sad I was missing Kate Lock's first Two Rivers show. I cycled back into town and popped into see Joy who's come back from a weekend with Alan, ad then onto the Corner Pin for the last hour of the show, which finished when the pub shut at 11pm.

I got home and spent quite a bit of time sorting out some of the fruit which needs drying immediately, rather than storing it which I hope I can do with some of the trays.