Friday, 1 June 2007

Thursday 31 May 07

A frustrating day as I had intended to do such a lot but actually got relatively little done. The rest of the family went to visit family in West Yorks so they went at 9 on the bus to get on the 9.44 train to Leeds.

I decided to do my emails and had 25 start to come into my inbox. They seemed to take a long time and then after 30 mins (I'm on dialup) one came through, my friend in the US of A had decided to send me some photos of her weekend in the country, some family snaps and landscape expanses of forests. Unfortunately she sent duplicates and I spent over 3 and a half hours downloading stuff I didnt ask for or want all of. There was only one photo I kept and that was of her and her two children. Several of the photos wouldn't even open, the programme said they were corrupted. So I was pretty unhappy, even though i spent some of the time deleting old stuff and also popped out to buy bread and milk.

Later in the day I had an exchange with her on Googletalk and we fell out briefly, but made up as soon as I admitted that I knew she hadn't done it deliberately and she apologised. I hate my life being ruled by the computer, even though I enjoy doing my blog and communicating by email.

So this download lasted til lunchtime so I had lunch and went to meet my friend Jo for a chat, before going to the lottie and doing some more prep for this year's crops. Dug out a compost heap, turned it and restocked the original pallet bin with weeds and unwanted brambles. Pulled out lots of nettles and thistles where pumpkins will be planted soon.

Came home and prepared tea for the family, did a nutloaf and new potatoes and broccoli. They got in and I fed them. Then I went into the garden and planted some beans and a courgette.

In the evening I went to the Golden Ball to a LETS social, and this was lovely. Met with David the LETS Newsletter writer, and Will who suggested I do this blog and told me about blogspot, his is . Then Chrissie came and then Barry, whom I've not chatted with before and he was very pleasent, and then Ann and four Canadians who are staying with her came in, a really good group and I cheered up considerably.

After a pint and a half I went to the ethical supermarket to pick up my 'Wednesday' compostables, even though it was 10pm (I have the code to get into the carpark at the back) and there, amazingly, was one of the Out Of This World employees whom I'm very fond of, Lorenza. I spent at least half an hour with her and this really picked me up, and I cycled back and arrived in at 11pm.

Fired up with this social stuff, I decided to compose a long email to someone who may be able to help with my book (the one I can't tell anyone about yet) and I was up till 2am.

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