Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Monday 11th June 07 CAB Money Savig Day

I took the boys to school as I can't pick them up later because I'm volunteering for the Citizen's Advice Bureau Money Saving Day at the Guildhall.

However I had to try and find the paperwork, info sheets and joining packs for YorkLETS, the organisation I'm promoting today as a way to not use as much money. I did track them down to Stephen, who fortunately lives quite close so I popped round and picked them up.

I got to the Guildhall shortly before 11am and laid out our simple stall, between Freecycle and St Nicks/York Rotters. Local Exchange Trading Systems enable their members to swap goods and services without using money, as we have a local imaginary currency called the Yorky and a directory of goods and services that members offer and want. There was lots of interest and for this event only, free membership for those really keen to join up.

I did several Rotters enquiries (making your own compost means you can grow your own food and not have to buy commercial growing media, and reduced costs on your council tax as fewer materials are collected. I got seven or eight new members joining LETS, and I consider this quite successful.

Finished at 3pm, went to Out Of This World and did a pick-up, home at the same time as my family were coming home from school, 4ish, and I started work on my paid-for blog, which this week is about the World Naked Bike Ride and my cycling dilemma. Had a small tea as had eaten a pasty and sandwhiches for lunch, and got a bit of time in the garden, chopping down some of the more over-exuberant flower spikes of spinach and chard, which are beginning to obsucre the path, and will set huge volumes of seed which I don't want that much.

At 10, logged on to chat to my friend in Atlanta, as requested, and dealt with a few emails. When our chat finished I was able to finish writing my blog and then after midnight key it in to my 'John's Weird World' blog on Community Care's website.

Bed before 2am.

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