Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday 30th June 07

Woken by my children fighting. Blimy, being a parent isn't easy.

All too soon it was time for me to go to work, a party on Boroughbridge Road, in a church hall, 11am til 1.30pm. There were about 35 children, a party for two boys aged 5 and 8, I think. The party went well, as usual, lots of people participating in the various activities, and I finished at 1.25 with all the children having made their own balloon model, or having won one, or made one by me. The parents both complimented me on the show, I told them that all the children had been very good and well behaved, and lots of them had been talented. A brilliant way to earn a living.

Called in on my friend Y on the way back, had my sandwiches at her place and then got home for about 3pm having picked up a sack of juicy fruit n veg from the Hes Road shop, so went down the garden to deposit that in a dalek for composting. Rescued some tomatoes from this, which I added to tea.

I escaped from the yukky Dr Who and continued my Risk Assessment, as tomorrow I've got a long cycle ride and won't have much time or energy to do much 'paperwork' in the evening.

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