Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tuesday 5th June 07

Today Gill had a physiotherapy session at the hospital, as her leg is still hurting after being bitten by a dog a long time ago. I spent all of the morning working at the computer, mostly York Green Festival stuff, an invoice to the Co-op for their sponsorship money, a booking letter to Bo Clown and various other bits and bobs. Then at midday I did some garden work... nothing in particular, just to get some fresh air and exercise.

Gill came back for lunch and then soon it was time for me to pick up the boys, but I took down the fork, some climbing french beans desperate to get planted, and some sticks for them to climb up. I used three sacks of compost made at school to prepare the soil and when I mixed this in, I removed uncomposted stuff for putting into the base of the now empty dalek for this term's fruit for schools waste, and uncompostable rubbish for the bin. Then planted the sticks and the beans and cucumber, then collected the boys and took them home.

I spent a bit more time in the back garden before going on a Freecycle cycle trip, to pick up some tomato plants... and was given a tray of sweetcorn plantlets as well. This is fantastic as my sweetcorn has not grown well, the majority has rotted off. Then through town to another Freecycler who has asked me to put ny York Rotters hat on and help sort out her compost bin. I removed it and dug a groove in the soil and resettled it, told her she was doing fine and not to worry about the flies, as they are spider food and blue tit food...

Then onto another Freecycler who has offered some pepper plants, which I was happy to pick up and I offered them some climbing beans if they're passing here in the next week or so.

Home at 8pm, Gill had made some salad and I finished off eating what the boys didn't eat.

I then planted the sweetcorn, over 30 plants, brilliant! In at 10 and watched telly with Gill for an hour before doing emails, blog and chat.

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