Thursday, 31 January 2008

Thursday 31st January 08

Gill took the boys to school, although one didn't want to go and cycled off in several different directions which caused Gill some distress. She then had a long meeting with a teacher and the head about the difficulties we are experiencing.

I had a meeting with the tax office. They looked over my forms and helped me complete them, and worked our my tax burden, which wasn't too much, so I went to the building society and got a cheque out and took it in to the office. Met several of my friends in the tax office and the building society. Then to 'Staples' to see if they had the correct wireless router to exchange for the wrong one I bought a couple of days ago. They did, but it was expensive, so I went to Dixons in town where it was a tiny bit cheaper, so got it there and then back to Staples to get my money back for the wrong one.

Then onto St Nicks, where I was told that the City of York Council official had contacted our York Rotters manager Catherine to say how good and professional I'd been last night, and thank you! What a lovely thing to hear!

Home for a coffee and relax before getting on woth various jobs... including washing up a load of saucepans. Fortunately the stove had remained lit overnight and there was hot water available.

During the afternoon I tried to have a sleep as I was exhausted, but the high wind noises kept me from total unconciousness.... and when Gill went to pick up our youngest I got up and got ready for picking up the eldest from Drama.

An early tea... soup and nutloaf, and then I got ready to go and do my second Cubs 'Entertainment Badge' activity.... the circus skills of juggling, balancing, devilstick, diabolo and unicycle. It was a good session, finishing with a short performance.

On the way home my front dynamo light blew again, so came home along cycle paths and back roads with no front light, but I had to hurry as I had a CRAG meeting at 9.15.

This was a good meeting at Ivana's house with just James, Ivana and me.... hammering out how York CRAG is structured, how we do things, our roles, and about the next couple of meetings. This lasted til nearly midnight!

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