Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sunday 20th January 08

Another day without the expected rain, so after breakfast (watched skiing on C4, Gill had recorded it) I set off for the lottie to do more cutting back and digging over. I met my lottie neighbour Tony who's a psychology lecturer at the University, and researches brain imaging, and a near-neighbour called ?Jackie whom I met at Simon and Melody's party apparently, and she's got lots more work to do than me..... her lottie is hugely overgrown and she has also had the letter warning her of disapproval.... We talked composting for a few minutes and then got on with our urgent work.

Went to Martin's veg/compostables palace on the way back... Richard had yet more pineapples for me, help! What can you do with over 20 pineapples when the racks over the stove are full and the house is hot from two stoves roaring away...? Well, Gill made a pineapple upsidedown cake with one and a half of them!

Back for just before 2pm, listened to Gardener's Question Time on R4 whilst having lunch, and immediately afterwards, went round with both boys to Maria and Johan's to collect two oak chair they are getting rid of, and Gill thinks they'll be useful here. The boys were invited to attend a martial arts/self defence workshop on Wednesday by their son, who last week went along and was the only child there, so he wanted some company.

Home to sort out some logpile (hand cut a pile of thinner logs with the bowsaw) and did a few minutes compost pile building and cutting twigs.

Tea was the butternut stew from yesterday, tasting even better after 24 hours standing.

Later in the evening I tried to input my paid blog to the Community Care website, the subject being the forthcoming programmes on Summerhill School, written by Alison Hume, daughter of my friend John Hume, who helped me start the Credit Union. He is very proud of her and told me about the film in December when we met up for a celebratory drink, 10 years after the CU meetings started. I wrote it all in but the thing wouldn't save, so I tried to save it on my computer (which I've done before when the website wasn't playing ball) but when I finished, it wasn't there and I lost the whole thing. After firing off an 'officially irritated' email to Commu nity Care, I tried again and this time it worked... so I spent til 1.30am retyping it in and then I checked on the public site... and it was there, thank goodness. What a palaver!

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