Saturday, 19 January 2008

Saturday 19th January 08

Woke to find the promised 'all day rain' was not happening, so didn't have the desired laze in bed reading but got up and continued building the 'use next' logpile outside the front door, as we're going through it like, well, a household with 12 kw of woodburner heating during a cold snap!

This freed up some covered space in the back garden and some open air stacking space in the front, so built another 'wall' of recently cut/split wet logs in the front and moved some others to the under cover area. Also did some compost heap building with the enormous load of material I got yesterday.

During the middle of the day I juiced about 40 oranges, thrown out as the skins were blemished, but the juice was wonderful, and cut up 2 of the 20 pineapples and put the slices to dry. Gill and the youngest went to a friend's party in Clifton Moor using the smelly No. 6 bus (Gill says it's a very different service from the genteel No. 10) and my friend Simon came round so we had real coffee and brandy. I chopped up reject onion, leek, pepper, potato, celery and two butternut squashes and made a stew/soup thing on the stove whils chatting to Simon and my eldest and his son played. Always good to see Simon!

Enjoyed the stew/soup very much for tea, as did Gill but the boys weren't so keen, but hey that means all the more for us tomorrow!

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