Friday, 1 February 2008

Friday 1st February 08

I took the boys to school to reduce the possibility of them doing anything problematical... and they were perfectly behaved!

A reasonably good day, did a lot of stuff inside as the weather was very windy... one of my logpiles blew over so I had to tidy that up, but did some tidying in the conservatory and hoovering and washing up whilst Gill was at Art.

After lunch I cannot remember what we did but we both went to school to visit the teachers about the pressure our son is under, or puts himself under, and they reassured us and him that everything would be ok.

I went to Cycle Heaven after that for fixing my light but didn't go on the Critical Mass cycle ride as the weather was horrible and I hadn't got home for tea in time....

Simon came round in the evening to try to fix my broadband connection but in the end we (he) couldn't do it. We got as far as getting it working and broadcasting to my computer, Simon even tested the speed of the connection. However, I then mentioned security, so he tried to put a security password on it and it wouldn't work after that. He left saying he'd help me out later during the weekend, and could I pay him Yorkys? His son is having piano lessons with a LETS member, so he'd be very happy with some Yorky renumeration!

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