Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wednesday 16th January 08

Woke up late feeling groggy... Gill had taken the kiddies to school with only some hassle, and had woken me up to do our 'homework' for the parenting course, 'Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities'. So spent the middle of the day at that, it was quite useful and the course looks like being reasonably good. On the way home popped into Martin's to buy some local leeks and bring home a box of compostables.

I went to school to pick up our youngest, his brother was going home with a friend so I brought his bike back on my trailer. Had some quality time with the youngest one when I got back, and then did just 45 minutes or so of chopping sticks into wooden fruit boxes to dry off.

Tea was some stuff from yesterday plus leeks in white sauce over mashed swede, the swedes had been thrown out by someone who has a veg box delivery and doesn't like swedes to eat... but we as a family love 'em! Always glad to use stuff which would have gone to landfill and polluted.... what a wonderful life!

Our eldest came in after 7pm having had a good time, and they were in bed at a reasonable time. I did a bit of housework and we watched some forgetable telly, but then watched a gripping film together, Cast Away with Tom Hanks... a very watchable film, possibly a tad too American for my liking, and quite tear-jerking at the end, for Gill... but we both enjoyed it loads.

Had a very lovely memory jog from Facebook when I did my pre-bedtime emailing... a friend from years ago called Chevvy, looking for contact details of my ex with whom she went to college with. I was able to put Chevvy in touch with someone who should know her details, which felt good. I look forward to catching up with Chevvy's news soon. I am a big fan of Facebook.

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