Thursday, 3 January 2008

Thursday 3rd January 08

Boys up very early and extremely noisy! But it was happy noise, mostly. Some of the excitement was probably due to a covering of snow, and they all went out to play in it.

The visitors' Mum came at about 10am and after a cuppa and chat, she took them away.

My boys got a phone call from another of their friends who wanted to play out in the snow, he came round and then all 3 went to his house round the corner, until after 1pm when they came back for lunch.

I spent the morning preparing fruit, mainly 4 pineapples but also some pears and kiwis, for drying on the stove. My foot seems to be a lot better, it was weird how it was so painful for such a short time!

I went to the veg shop and got the second half of the wheelie bin full and took it to the lottie, and made a layer of chopped brambles, shored up the sides with cardboard boxes and made a good deep layer. Left the lottie at nearly 5pm, almost dark, but for the snow making it kind of twilight.

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