Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday 28th January 08

Up early and looked after my youngest son who's got a bad cough and was missing school because of that. Gill went to a meeting about disability issues at school, but came in soon after 10am. I spent most of the day doing my paperwork... accounts are due in this week so the earnings from my 2 self-employed jobs have to be declared and tax paid... never my favourite work. However Gill does some of the paperwork but I still have to go through it and check it's right, and fill in the forms. Every year I think how brilliant it would be to have an accountant do it for us.... maybe this year I'll do this!

Went to the tax office after getting the eldest boyo from school (he's been at Eden Camp today on an educational visit) and have got an appointment on Thursday, the last day to give in the paperwork and a cheque....

On the way back popped into a garage which does welding to see if they'll ment my trailer. They'll do it tomorrow. Before tea did some log stacking in the back garden.

Gilly made tea, a stew with mashed potato on top... I've forgotten what she calls it.

At 6pm we all watched 'Summerhill' on BBC, it was very moving and the kids loved it too. I looked at the Radio Times to see the time of the whole 100 minute film, and although it was supposed to be at 9pm, it was scheduled to go out at 7.30, so we gave them the option to see the whole thing tonight.

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