Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thursday 17th January 08

A good day as went into town after persuading Gill to come back to bed, and got my prescription, paid the gas bill, put a cheque in (the compost provided for Caroline was rewarded by a donation of £20!) and then went to visit the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre on George Hudson St, to find out about External Wall Insulation suitable for solid walls like our 1930's house has. They suggested going on the National Insulation Association website, and from there I emailed a dozen firms to see what they offered and how much it would cost.

When I got back, Gill had gone to the podiatrist with her painful feet, and I spent at least an hour helping the Castle Howard Arboretum with their composting area display boards, which have been written up initially, and needed a good going through to make them better.... and I'd given some advice before so they'd come back to me for more. Well it's free advice from an enthusiastic expert who will drop everything to help promote composting, so I was glad to do it!

Gill got our youngest from school at 3.15 as the eldest has Drama Club til 4.15. I got him home, he'd had a really good time and he tried to explain all about the things they did whilst cycling home.

A noisy and over excited evening as our eldest's friend who's moved to Leamington Spa phoned him, and this was a rare event, for him to get a phone call.

I enjoyed a good meal of spaghetti squash and other bits. No-one else is that keen on it.

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