Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturday 26th January 08

Up quite early and spent some time with my eldest son, watching a programme I recorded called 'Atom' which is about the discovery of atomic and subatomic physics, with Boltzman, Einstein, etc... I learned more and our 10 year old was gripped, as he's convinced he's going to be a top physicist.

After 11 I cycled to the lottie as there might have been some help needed weighing out seed potatoes or onions, but there was no-one there so I got on with digging, weeding and removing brambles. I also dug up some artechokes which we'll eat sometime soon. As I was leaving, I got chatting to an old fellow, Dave, who was admiring my trailer but he pointed out that it was broken... one of the main struts has gone through, so it'll need welding. My Bishopthorpe Welder no longer works as a welder so I'll have to try to find another. Perhaps a car garage?

I washed the artechokes when I got home and put them on to boil on the stove and went outside to split more logs.... some of the last from Woodlands, and eventually Gill and the boys came in from the 'Residents First' weekend where people in York, who have a 'York Card' can get into various attractions for free. However the places all needed tickets which were given out first thing this morning. Eventually they found the Minster was open and didn't need a ticket. So they went and did some type of quiz or something.

So for tea I had a home-grown onion, fried to caramel stage and then artechokes, previously boiled and the skins peeled off popped in with them. Gill had made a mushroom and white sauce thing, and the pepper and lentil pate patties... a very interesting meal!

Then at 7.30, cycled down to town, minus trailer (boo hoo) to Millers Yard to the 'Greenspeak' meeting which was on the United States global domination, missile defence systems and the network of 'listening stations' like Menwith Hill in Yorkshire. A very interesting talk, lots of visuals, mainly taken from US publications, many of them looking quite 'Science Fiction', except much of it is sadly science fact.

Afterwards went to the Exhibition for a drink, and ended up having two plus pineapple in vodka (a freebie) and some really enjoyable chats with the two Green Councillors and the well-travelled Sarah. When I came home I had dreadful heartburn and hiccups! However enjoyed watching to a pop programme with Gill.

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