Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tuesday 29th January 08

Such a busy day... lots of rushing around! Started by taking the kids to school as I was not going to be available at 3pm to pick em up.... but this changed! Had a good little chat with Mrs. P the headteacher about a child brandishing bullets in the playground bought from Eden Camp yesterday.

I started by writing a letter to Eden Camp War Museum about the wisdom of selling bullets to children. I wrote out a copy for school.

Then eventually went down to town to take my rtailer to a welder, put a cheque in, shop for a wireless router, pay a bill to CVS for roomhire for CRAG.

Got a phone call from a friend who was due to meet me at 3 saying she wasn't feeling too good, so calling the visit off. This meant I could relieve Gill of going to school at 3, she doesn't like doing the afternoon trip much.

Home for a late lunch and did a little bit of stuff outside, before going back to the welders to collect my trailer, and then back home for 3 and immediately off to school to pick up three boys.

Did more woodpile when got back but at 5 came in and lay down for a rest, but was rudely woken by lots of angry noises before 6. A rather troubled evening, although we had a pleasent 30 minutes watching the last episode of Summerhill, very moving.

Spent most of the evening sorting communications on email and may eventually try to get my wireless router done, although I doubt it. I don't rate myself highly on taks like this!

I failed miserably as I could not even work out how to plug the thing into my phone socket!!! I emailed Netgear and confessed my ignorance and stupidity and asked for help...

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