Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tuesday 22nd January 08

Woke briefly when Gill got up and remember hearing noise downstairs... and was then woken at 9.40 when Gill came up to tell me that I had told her I had a meeting at 10am, in town. I had told her I was meeting Jo for a coffee, our first meeting this year... so I didn't have breakfast, just quickly washed and dressed and got my bike out, got to our pre-arranged rendezvous at 10.

Had an hour in a cafe, we talked about her holiday over Christmas, her health and relationship, her allotment, and how our friendship has supported her current situation of being off work and not well. It was good to see her again. I went to pay in a cheque and to pay for my allotment for the forthcoming year, just £28 or so for those in receipt of Tax Credit.. which we get as Gill does no paid work and I earn relatively little as an entertainer. Also visited Barnitts to get a replacement axe handle, which was nearly a tenner, as opposed to a new axe (maul) which was about £20. Also popped into the charity shop to see Debbie and her co-worker who was less flirty this time!

Home for lunch and felt much better than yesterday. I did some washing up and more fruit prep, then drilled out the broken axe handle and removed the doodahs (circular wedges) which widen the wooden bit so the head is firm... and put the new handle in the old axe head. However when I banged in the doodahs, the handle split lengthways a bit, which was annoying but I don't think it will prevent me using the maul safely. I could take it down to Barnitts to wave it at them, but I don't want to spend any more time removing the handle and doodahs as it took ages and was difficult. I'll just use the axe as it is and hope it performs as wanted!

We ate together... butternut and veg stew with dumplings which the boys love. We watched the second part of Summerhill, after which I went to do some reading and dealt with the usual pile of several dozen emails I get every day...

I got the kiddoes and brought back another one too, as requested by his mother yesterday. He was collected at 4.10, and I spent a little while finding out that the axe works just fine.

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