Thursday, 17 May 2007

Tuesday 15th May 07

Another nothingy day. During the evening I was doing emails and I accidently pulled my dialup lead out in mid session and when I tried to redial I got a message telling me that 'The person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls. Please redial without withholding your number'. Now I have never withheld my number and knew something had gone wrong. So I contacted the operator and reported the fault.

As I couldn't dialup I went through my old emails and did some deleting and replies, including to Darren who works in an ecocentre in Leicestershire, who went to school with me. He saw me on telly and has found me. His eco-project looks really good, see (that's my first link I've done in this blog!!!!)

In the evening I redid the Community Care blog which now doesn't have to tally with my second column being published this Thursday, as I've been told it will be published on 31 May. I did it on community/voluntary work/groups, and on CRAG which is just getting started in York. Sent this in at 1.45am. Keen, eh?

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