Friday, 25 May 2007

Friday 25th May 07

A warm day but spent much of the morning cooped up inside doing various paperworky stuff including several letters to people who have booked Professor Fiddlesticks, sending cheques, agreements and other stuff. Also did some York Green Festival blog and phone calls. Found out that food stalls are allowed and only commercial ones need a street trading licence. This is good news, but we still have to meet up with the Rowntree Park Cafe person to get permission to have any food stalls.

Lunch and then a little while outside before collecting the boys who have a week off for halfterm so I made them go and find assorted lost clothes and I think most stuff came home.

Collected the compostables before tea, and whilst cycling through town was accosted by a woman struggling with about 10 bags who called out to me, I half recognised her so I stopped and asked if she was OK. She said she was waiting for a taxi but it hadn't come so she had to go to the taxi-rank and get one, and could I help, was I in a hurry? I told her that I was on my way to Out Of This World for a compostables pickup but could help her, and I said I recognised her but couldn't remember her name. She told me she'd lost lots of weight and she was Janet R, and if I helped her she'd give me a home-made ice cream... well that clinched it so loaded up my trailer and she started to take me to the taxi rank, but the one she'd booked arrived so unloaded into the boot. I think she'd been doing a charity do of some sort.

Collected from OOTW and Hes Rd on the way back. and when I arrived back Gill had created a veg stir fry which was awaiting a veg haggis which I'd brought back with me. Also a cherry pie which used a pile of reject cherries brought back yesterday.

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