Thursday, 17 May 2007

Thursday 17th May 07

A work day so I started by hotting up the bathwater on the woodstove and had a bath and hair wash. Then cycled out to Manor School on Poppleton Road and at 12.40 started one of my first 'Human Pyramid Building' workshops. I have done limited 'acrobalance' as it is also known, but enough to do about 4 different things with the limited numbers present (3 chunky boys, one slim athletic boy and one small girl). There was also a lot of noise from the other side of the practice room as about 25 people were practicing some dancing.

Anyway the acrobalance stuff went well and the youths enjoyed it.

Home in time to pot up some sprouting beans which have their rootlets coming out.

Collected eldest son from school as youngest has been at home allegedly unwell.

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