Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Monday 14th May 07

Funny old day, didn't get as much done as I would have liked to, but productive enough.

In the morning went to get a cheque ot to pay for the Polish roofer 'Artur' who dealt with some water ingress problems last week, repointing some of the chimney and redoing some flashing which wasn't positioned properly. Then over lunch did some paperwork and after lunch did some seed management, watering, repotting etc and a bout of compostumbler filling.

Got the children at 3.15 and in the evening, before the CRAG meeting, collected the Out Of This World compostables. The CRAG meeting was good, talking about carbon calculators, debating whether we will be Carbon Rationing or Carbon Reduction Action Group and how we should be structured and a bit about future meetings. We agreed to have a working group to work up a proposed structure which would be discussed and agreed at the next open meeting.

Enjoyed the social drink after the end of the meeting too. We meet in the upstairs room of the Golden Fleece on Pavement, but when the smoking in public places ban comes in we'll use a level access venue, probably the Minster Inn (Marygate?) to make it accessible to all. Currently this room is next to a smoking area and several of us hate tobacco smoke that much they wouldn't consider it.

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