Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Monday 21st May 07

A productive day in the computer department, and in other departments too!. Spent quite a bit of the morning doing York Green Festival stuff including phoning our Council contact and doing the blog (http://ygf2007.blogspot.com/ )and preparing for Thursday's meeting. Also did some composting (no suprise here!) and a bit of garden tidying which Gill continued with by mowing two of the lawns.

I collected the boys and had a long chat with our 9 yr old about the word sorry and how it is used and when it is appropriate to use it. And amazingly, instead of storming off, he listened and seemingly absorbed the info and thanked me afterwards. Wow!

I bombed into town to get a cheque out, pay a bill and collect compostables.

Then at 7 attended the York Co-operative Members Group and indulged in fair-trade wine and chocolate and watched a DVD of An Inconvenient Truth. Moving, even a second time around.

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