Thursday, 3 May 2007

Thursday 3rd May 2007 Local Elections Day

Woke feeling quite excited as the elections are always reasonably exciting, even if I don't have much chance of getting elected, which would be just amazing since I've done no leafletting or canvassing in my ward.

I took the kids to school as Gill wasn't feeling good, and towards 10am the media students arrived, as planned, to film some of the election stuff, me going into the polling station with Gill, and they also wanted to find out how I earned my living so I did some Professor Fiddlesticks practice in the garden, and some of the crew had a go at devilstick, diabolo and 3 ball juggling. Fun!

They left by lunchtime and after lunch, whilst Gill went and sat in the poling station in Fishergate, I went to town and picked up my 'wednesday' composting... which I didn't do yesterday, and also popped in on Miller's Yard, Claire was delighted to give me 3 trays of oranges which she described as sour, and unsuitable to put in their orange squeezing machine. However I had some when I got home and found them just fine, and probably good for making marmalade.

Picked up the kids and then went to the allotment to put in the final two varieties of first earlies, did some compost management and weeding too. Gill provided nice tea, including asparagus soup made from the tips of about 10 bunches picked up yesterday.... I prepared and cooked them at midnight to stop them deteriorating further, and Gill put celery and potato with them and made a good soup.

At 7pm I went to the Fishergate polling station to sit in it for a couple of hours and ask for peoples' electoral roll numbers so Green voters who had promised to vote for us but hadn't visited the polling station could be 'door knocked' and reminded that it was election day.

When I got back I was cold and was happy to sit by the stove and warm up. Watched some late night election tv coverage. Our telephone stopped working, no dialtone, so couldn't do any blogging or emails.

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