Friday, 18 May 2007

Friday 18th May 07

Woken by fighting boys downstairs... well this is completely normal with a 7 yr old and a 9 yr old I suppose. Wearily came downstairs and sat there blinking and trying to look fierce. It seemed to work as the aggro stopped. Whilst Gilly took them to school I did some Fiddlesticks paperwork.... a reply letter and invoice to a playscheme in Harrogate in August.

Went back to bed for an hour when Gill came back in, but was disturbed by Rory from Thomson Directories wanting to talk advertising.

Collected my emails which include the info from Thomson and their work with Google.

Did lots of housework and stuff inside, including more bean seedling potting up, I've now got hundreds of them, each in a plastic cup 'harvested' from a skip on Heslington Road a few weeks ago, and given a drainage hole from a hot wire charged up in the woodstove. Some of them will be given away and others donated to a fundraising event, with plenty for the garden and allotment. There's two main types, Jack Edwards PeaBean and 'Cobra' climbing bean, but a smattering of others including some dwarf beans which I haven't grown before.

Went to get the kids and did a bit of composting in the garden. Gill created tea, rice-based nutloaf with left-over rice from yesterday, and peas from the freezer and potatoes from the veg shop on Hes Road.

Then I prepared for the evening, meeting with York Rotters at the 'Slug and Lettuce' (appropriate!) to see off Keely after her couple of years in post, and welcome Catherine, our new project officer. I put together a jar of dried fruit for her, and labelled it 'Some that got away'.

I went to town early as I had not collected my Out Of This World compostables, so I did this first and then parked my bike in a place overlooked by several CCTV cameras for safety. Met up with Jo, new Rotter and then several others. We waited outside Slug and Lettuce as it was heaving... the York Races are on, so loads of toffs around... and eventually Keely arrived so we all went in. Drinks were very expensive but the atmosphere was ok, and we all had a lovely time. John and Ivana had got Keely a leaving present of two fruit trees, a plum and a peach, and had brought a digital photo of then... not the real things, fortunately!

Spent a couple of hours there and when the party moved on I came home as I have work tomorrow and shouldn't get too tired. Being responsible.

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