Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday 26th May 07 Working in Ripon

A full and tiring day, entertaining in Ripon.

Got up at about 8am and got my costume and circus stuff ready for loading onto the bike, and breakfasted. When I got the bike out, I found one of the logpiles next to the house had fallen down, the warm weather has shrunk the logs and this causes the pile to shift... logpiles always move and inevitably some fall over, especially the unsupported ones I make. These don't even lean against the house as they might cause a 'moisture bridge' and allow rain into the solid walls of the house, not a good idea. Also having a gap between the wall and the woodpile allows better drying. So moved the strewn logs to our side of the driveway and got off to the bus station.

Got the 9.44 bus to Ripon which took an hour and 20 mins as it went all around the villages, very pretty. The square in Riopn was filled with Robinson's Funfair, I met Stewart the boss who was deep inside a lorry engine, which powers the dodgems when working. I talked to several other people about my pitch, which was originally next to some loudspeakers and an engine so I elected to work with my back to the central market cross or column thing. Got changed in Gregg's the Baker's loo and got started for 12 midday and was busy with members of the public for the next four hours solid. Did 3 hrs of circus workshops and an hour of balloons, and then got paid and got the 4.15 bus home, arriving back at about 6, tired but happy the weather had held and the good people of Ripon had enjoyed what I'd done as part of the funfair.

Enjoyed several TV programmes and did blog and emails. The best programme was 'The Seven Ages Of Rock', which was about some of my favourite bands, The Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music (featuring my musical hero, Brian Eno). Later on, Gill and I watched 'The Station Agent', a film starring Peter Dinklage, and we both loved it. Quirky, no violence, just interesting relationships.

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