Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sunday 20th May 07

Another weekend work day, this time a 10 or 12 mile cycle to Linton on Ouse RAF base, to entertain at a BBQ and family fun day. I was due to start at 2 so I set off soon after 12, after a quick email download and brief googlechat with my friend in the US, who had been out partying and hadn't gone to bed, it was 6am there!

I decided to go the quick way, along the cyclepath to Haxby Road, through Bootham Hospital grounds, up through Clifton to Skelton and out along the main road to where the Newton road turns off to the West, past the hotel/bar constructed of railway carriages and over the railway to the Beningborough turn. Cycled past Beningborough Hall and into Newton on Ouse where I had my sandwiches, at 1.15. Linton is only a mile or so beyond this and I got to the Air Force base well before 2 and signed in, I have been there before and was on their database, although the photo was a younger me.

Mike my 'handler' met me in the Officers' Mess and I got changed and gathered my audience, about 20 children and beyond them, eating and drinking, perhaps 60 adults. the show went well although 20 is the minimum number for a good show with plenty of participants, but we all had fun and perhaps 8 children had several goes at the skills I teach. One lad, a 12 yr old, was very steady on the 4 wheel and 2 wheel unicycle, and had a go on the one-wheeler, which was nice as I don't always have anybody good enough to do the one-wheeler.

Then the balloon activities, easy as not that many kids, and finished at 4, and was offered a drink and payment. Now when I was 20 I made myself a rule that I would not take alcohol during daylight, as I recognised my liking for it and my potential to become an alcoholic, however in my dotage I now and again break this rule. I enjoyed my Magner's Cider on ice, and was offered pizza and chips, which was a treat. Chatted to Chris, a teenage child of a Sargeant, and a beginner diabolo player, devilsticker etc, and admirer of some of my tricks.

Left at 5 and this time came home the long and wigly way, through Overton and the cycle path along the bank of the Ouse. Met with John and Sandra H, retired cyclists who had come out to Beningborough Hall and were heading back to York. He had been a Professor of Economics at York Uni and so we talked LETS, Credit Unions and Cooperatives, sustainability and the like. Sandra was once a researcher into fuel poverty so I enthused about my woodstoves and told her that a local authority (Hartlepool? Middlesborough?) had provided some woodstoves to a group of residents who were suffering fuel poverty, and I thought this was a really good idea.

Home soon after 6 and Gill gave me a little slice of home made quiche she'd made before going out to a party the boys had been invited to. They'd had a lovely day and had only been in for less than an hour.

After this second half of tea I did some shredding of hedge clippings donated by a neighbour, and filled up my 130 litre Canadian 'Envirocycle' composter which rotates and puts the juices into the base for collection for feeding plants.

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