Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sunday 27th May 07

A bit of a lie-in, until 9ish, and then whilst eating breakfast, the boys wanted me to watch a DVD they found in the PDSA charity shop yesterday, on Hypnodisc from 'Robot Wars' TV programme. Very exciting!

I felt quite grotty and didn't get up, so watched Countryfile and did a bit of washing up after lighting the stove, then lunch and I lay around and watched the Grand Prix on TV (I don't know why I like this, as it is not something which contributes to sustainability and I don't like cars). Then listened to Gardener's Question Time on the radio, and after that went to bed as feeling well grotty. Gill woke me at 6 telling me that I could come down for tea and watch Scrapheap Challenge with the boys, but had to deal with eldest son's bad behaviour and talk to him about why he'd been told off by Mum. He has a lot of anger and needs a lot of loving and tolerance and explanations. He did eventually calm down and eat his tea, I ate mine and spent an hour and a half planting out some beans and courgettes and sunflowers, and did a load of weeding in the raised beds.

Came in after 9 and did a bit of email stuff and aimed for an early night.

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