Sunday, 6 May 2007

Saturday 5th May 07

A work day.... but a type of work I particularly enjoy, at a cycling event, teaching unicycle and entertaining people with my ability to unicycle and do the devilsticks. The event, 'Cycle Tracks' was at the National Railway Museum and was organised by the Bikerescue team, Bernie and Andy. They had got lots of decorated bicycles, and were decorating more, and had Bo the Clown, who does assorted cycling stuff and a Punch and Judy, stalls inside from a cycle shop and Sustrans and others... a good medium-sized event.

So I arrived, in costume, at about 10.30am and found my way to the South Yard and got set up by 10.55. I did my workshops, mainly with 'Pedal-Go' and 'Fun-Wheels' (four-wheel and two-wheel 'unicycles') and also coached a few people on the four one-wheel (ie normal) unicycles I had taken down on my bike trailer. I particularly enjoyed teaching a 13 year old boy who went from Pedal-Go to being a basic unicyclist in about 25 minutes, and a pair of lovely petite twin ladies (Lorna and Claire) in their 30's who both spent over an hour trying to get the hang of unicycling. Good chats with them afterwards, whilst Bo was doing a show.

So I worked 11 til 1.15 and 2 til 4 and then got off back home feeling tired but happy that it had gone so well.

I was able to do a bit of pottering about, and as the phone line had been mended, catch up on blogging and emails.

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