Sunday, 13 May 2007

Sunday 13th May 07

Awoke before 8, a comfortable night in the hotel. Had a larger breakfast than normal, and then retired to my room to rest and prepare for my 10am start. There were about 35 children in my audience, and 15 or 20 adults, of all ages. I did my circus show first, starting with warm-up acts/trailers (from the audience) and doing my routine of 3 ball juggling, devilsticks, balancing, 'Derek the Diabolo', yoyo balls and unicycle. All went really well, lots of participation and fun.

Then my usual balloon modelling show and workshop, finishing with competitions to get rid of the balloons I had made first to show what could be created. Finished at 12.05, as the parents were coming in. I got changed and came back to the performance room, where Martin, a volunteer who lives in York, offered to drive me back, if i stayed for lunch. How could I refuse?

So a nice lunch and pleasent safe and quick journey back to home... but I then had to unicycle to the rail station to pick up my bike!

When I got back to the house, the family were just arriving in after our eldest son's appearence in a tag-rugby match. I had a headache and lay down but both boys couldn't resist poking me and teasing me, but I wanted to watch 'Scrapheap Challenge' with them, so I stayed downstairs rather than going up to bed.

Gill created a good tea... old nutloaf with freshly made home-grown baked beans! Really lovely.

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