Saturday, 12 May 2007

Saturday 12th May 07

A quiet morning, with a bit of a lie-in and a short bath as I have to go to Hull tonight as I've a gig for Diabetes UK tomorrow morning, and the trains (or bus for that matter) won't get me there in time for the 10am start required. So I'm going to stay in the hotel where the event is happening, and I'll be finished by 12ish.

Did bomb into town after lunch to pick up my 'Friday' collection from Out Of This World and do some money management stuff, but came back soon and Gill asked me to make sure I had put all my compostables into their containers, so I spent an hour or so chopping and loading.

Decided to get the latest train so had tea and helped with the boys, then cycled to the station with all my Fiddlesticks gear and got the Hull train after 8pm. Enjoyed having the time to write my diary and do some more planning of my book, and when I got to Hull got a £7 taxi ride to 'The Vllage Hotel' where the group from Diabetes UK was having their weekend away.

Met my hosts and dumped stuff in my room and spent the next couple of hours chatting and answering questions on low-impact living, composting, etc. Bed after midnight.

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