Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tuesday 11th March 08

A fine start to the day... Gill awoke me at 8am and I got washed and came down, saying 'good morning' to the boys and told them that I'd be taking them to school in 25 minutes and I got on with my breakfast, and then when it was 22 mins past I reminded the whole room that I'd be going in 8 minutes. One child was still reading and I asked him to get dressed, which resulted in huge anger, as Mum had told him that he could finish his chapter.

Anyway, that resulted in my not being able to take that child in, so I cycled with the other one and Mum said she'd bring the other. I had to get to school as I had a 'Green Thumbs' meeting at 9.

It was a good meeting, although I was worried about how Gill was coping and wondering if she'd got our child to school. The meeting was to decide where the garden plot was to be, and some other issues, and we decided this during a walk around the school grounds, looking at 4 or 5 possible places. Two were dismissed as they were likely to attract vandals, and one or two areas were too close to the football pitches. We chose an area which is enclosed by a hedge and is not very visible from the outside. One tree will ideally have to be pruned back to give more light, but there's a Dad who's a tree surgeon and we will ask him if he'll do it!

I got home at 10.45 and found out that Gill had managed to get things calmed down and our boyo into school at just after 9am. A sigh of relief!

The rest of the day went smoothly, did quite a lot of cleaning and sorting things out and tidying... and at 2.30, our final 'external insulation expert' came to survey the house and then get back to us with a quote.

I went to pick up the boys, the youngest wanted to go and play with a friend so I came back with the eldest and one of his friends came back with us.

I did some work in the garden til just before 6, when I came in and started to prepare tea... cauliflower and pasta... I made myself an onion and cheese sauce.

A peaceful evening, thank goodness!

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