Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Monday 24th March 08

Today we went to see my brother in the Norfolk Park part of Sheffield, and he cooked a loaf in his breadmaker and made us sandwiches so we had something to eat on the train on the way home.

We walked down to the bus station for 1pm and caught the bus to Meadowhall, where we had the sandwiches and then got our train back to York... via Pontefract as we like this route, and I snoozed and the boys were quite well behaved. Later we thanked them for their good behaviour during this weekend as it made it bearable.

There was a bus just 10 minutes after we got to York and we were home by 3.30... so good to be home and lit both stoves to take the chill off the house. I heated both cans of water for the boys to have a bath, and Gill cut their hair too.

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Lily said...

Wow - people actually use breadmakers?! We have one, in its box, in the spare bedroom, gathering dust. I thought breadmakers were like fondue sets and foot spas - the white elephants of desperate gift-giving. Respect!