Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday 10th March 08

Woken at 7am by Gill wanting me to come and help downstairs as our child had shoved everything off one worksurface onto the floor. I came down and helped clear up after making him go to his bedroom.
Things did calm down and breakfast got eaten, I took them into school and spoke to the OFSTED chap about the help and support we've been given about the difficulties we are going through right now.
Home to do some tidying as at 11am, was expecting a Press videographer to come and take a tour to see how we live our low carbon lifestyle.

This took about an hour and resulted in this:

which I'm pleased with.

I got the children back from school.

We had a quiet and well behaved afternoon and evening.... all of us!

Late on we had a visit from a friend who was in a bit of a state, with alcohol and feeling unable to help their aging parents, mentally ill sibling and nearly adult child who is making their own decisions about life.... however we heard them out and listened and were good solid friends, which is all we could do and was what was needed.

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