Saturday, 22 March 2008

Saturday 22nd March 08

Was woken by shouting downstairs so came down to see if my being there might calm things down, which it did appear to, but an hour later, in the middle of a game Gill was playing with them to keep them occupied, and I'd been joining in with a bit, there was another unprovoked bout of shouting and throwing things which set off my feelings of depression again.

However, my computer was working again this morning... I wonder if the problem was with the server last night not me? I escaped from the anger in the other room and within a few minutes all was calm again. Unfathomable.

The rest of the day went well... a slow continuous pulling together of assorted bits so that we could go and celebrate my Sister's 40th birthday. We got a train at just after 3. We headed for Sheffield via Pontefract, which today is quicker than going the mainline way, as today the York to Doncaster line is having work done on it so the trains are going via Leeds and they are taking an extra hour or something, so the Pontefract brach line, which takes just an hour and 20 mins is a good one. We also like this route as the trains are not too packed and there's usually space to sit down.

So got to Meadowhall as the last mile or so is also being worked on, so we got a tram to the City centre, and then a bus to Walkley. It started snowing which was pretty.

I was a bit stressed seeing my folks as things are not always easy, but things went quite smoothly and I was able to help them by filling a compost compound which my Dad has created, so I used my energy and enthusiasm to move the compost pile I turned last time into the new pallet-bin compound. This kept me out of the way and gave me 'Brownie Points' before teatime.

Had a peaceful evening.

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