Friday, 7 March 2008

Friday 7th March 08

A good day... a very peaceful start to the day, oh what a relief! I took them to school and the head teacher collared me and asked me to come to school on Monday as there are OFSTED people coming and she wants them to hear about the Green Thumbs. Also had a good chat with Andy, a very friendly Dad with an even friendlier daughter

When I got back, Gill wanted me to come to town to look at mattresses (as we've worn ours out!), so I cycled in and delivered posters to the library and got a cheque out to pay my National Insurance and then met up with Gilly, who'd found a good selection of mattresses... and we tested about four of them and decided on one with so-called 'memory foam' and pocket springs... not the cheapest but worth having as we value our bed times (sleep!) a lot!!!

It didn't take long, and I then visited the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre to give them the CRAG meeting poster.

Came home for lunch, and had a short time before going to school, where our youngest was picked up and walked home to play with a friend, and we had a meeting with the teachers, who are very caring and lovely and put time aside to help, over and above their paid hours.

I took the little bike home on the trailer and raced the other cyclist, with Gill arriving in 5 mins later. Had a quick tea and got ready to go to Critical Mass, with my eldest son, as a treat (yes, he does enjoy it!!!)

So we set off at about 5.25 and got to the Minster some time before 6 which is when we set off, and we were joined by two people from Scarborough, one of them my friend Jane, who would like to organise a Critical Mass Cycle Celebration in Scarborough and had come over to see how it went here. Had a very good little cycle around, no aggro from car drivers, which was good, and just before the ride finished, my boy wanted to go home so we peeled off and came home. It was such a treat... for me.... to have this ride with him.

A quiet evening, just lounged about, not feeling up to a game of Scrabble, and had an early night... just after midnight!

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