Saturday, 29 March 2008

Saturday 29th March 08

A good start to the day as was woken by noise from boys, but HAPPY noise which was good, not fighting but playing!!! As the weather was good, went into the garden and did the inevitable compost heap management!

After lunch went to the York Rotters 'end of year party' at St Nicks. Catherine had compiled a quiz (I wonder if this was in work time???) and after a 'go round', which was a bit like a 'composters anonymous' meeting, we were asked to pick a coin out of a bag and look at the date on it and tell the group something from that year which we remember. I got a 1985 two pence and told people about my time at college when I was 19 and had an experience which resulted in me turning 'green'. Then we got into teams and our team won! We could choose a prize and I chose a little packet of chocolates over a ceramic compost caddy or an insect hotel... I particularly enjoyed this meeting as my competitively-green CRAG friend Robin was there with his little boy and his dog, also my mad-keen-on-composting friend Jo, over-enthusiastic-about-everything-green friend Chris and even our lovely Lib-Dem (shortly to defect to the Green Party?) Councillor Andrew. I also met some new Rotters, two of which I teamed up with to win the quiz. A good accumulation of Rotters, very jolly. Thank you Catherine for organising this.

I picked up a log on the way home and delivered this to home before cycling down to Country Fresh and picking up a sack of manky lettuce and a big box of other compostables... and bought some cranberries and potatoes, plus some kiwi and oranges for my friend Debbie. I popped in to Debs on the way home and had a 10 minute chat with her and her daughter, always a friendly welcome here.

I do feel lucky with my social life. This is a real benefit about living in a city, there's lots of opportunities to visit people and socialise.

A late tea... quiche and potatoes... and during the evening I started to compile a log of all the composting outreach work I've done in the past year, going through my blog, day by day, and noting all the stuff other than doing my own garden compost into a file, which when finished, I'll send to Catherine for her records. A very slow and tedious job... but interesting too!

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