Thursday, 27 March 2008

Thursday 27th March 08

A good day as Gill's niece Helen came over from Leeds and she's one of our favourite family members. Whilst she was chatting to us, I made soup for this evening out of spring onions, a leek top and an onion (all rejects) and a bought potato and three carrots. I fried the alliums first then added the roots, put in boiling water and herbs, balsamic vinegar and bouillon and cooked it up on the woodstove for several hours. This turned into the best stew/soup I have ever made, it was fantastic!

I cycled round to the bread shop and was reminded that I had found a foreign object in a bread-roll last week, so decided to ring them when I got in and take it in to save them a car-journey out here. No point in them driving here when I can cycle it there!

Later, I did some work in the garden, and after lunch, cycled the bread-roll with a nail in it down to the Environmental Health people at St Leonards Place. I found this last Friday and as the Council folks were on holiday, I popped it in the freezer. So I gave it in and signed a statement prepared by the student EH Professinal (not 'Officers' anymore!) and then visited Dylan at Millers Yard, Macdonalds Furniture Store in Fossgate to get a coatstand, as requested by Gill (had to collect this from James Street warehouse) and then on to what used to be Martin's Country Fresh on Heslington Road, which this morning has been rebranded 'Country Fresh', so that it can be Martin's, Richard's, or even Shirley's Country Fresh.

I picked up several sacks and boxes there, and had a friendly chat with a bricklayer from Leeds called Phil, who was very positive about what I was doing. I hope he visits, I gave him my details, as I think he's a potential 'Green Convert'!!!

The folks were away when I got in so I went down the garden and dug out a sit n wait compost heap, completely filling a builders one-tonne bag, and then rebuilt a new pallet bin, off the ground to discourage rodents. It is on a pallet, raised off the ground, and has four pallets wired together as sides. I broke up the old container and used some of the wooden slats to fill the holes in the base pallet. I'll refill the bin tomorrow.

The two lovely ladies and three boys (our youngest had a friend to play) came back from town where they'd walked down to the walls, walked a section and then got a bus back. Soon after this, Helen had to go. I hope we see her again soon.

Had the fantastic soup for tea, watched a bit of telly whilst doing computery stuff during the evening. My spirits were raised to see the chaos at the new 'Terminal 5' at Heathrow. On the lunchtime news there was film of a 'flashmob' anti airports protest which looked really good, but on the evening news there was nothing about this, just the fact that the whole place had got clogged up with the luggage machinery not working and the staff not being able to cope... and therefore quite a few flights were cancelled. The really good thing was that it was mainly 'short-haul' flights. The lazy greedy bastards who use these should have gone by train instead (much lower carbon emissions). So this kind of chaos makes my happy.

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