Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Wednesday 9th May 07

Woke early and went downstairs to try and do some writing for the funding of the Green Festival, but Gill also came down and then the chldren so I had breakfast and went back to bed, and got up properly at 9am, when Gill came back and Janice came round to see the big tricycle I bought a few years ago when Gill wasn't a confident bicyclist, but she never liked it and it's sat doing nothing ever since. Janice's sister may want to buy it off us, so Janice is sending photos to her.

Had some summer Fiddlesticks bookings to sort out on the phone, and blanched some waste grapes for making raisins, before cycling off to my first 'Compost Awareness Week' event, at Bustardthorpe, where the car boot sales happen near the York Racecourse. We (York Rotters) were doing a compost giveaway and home composting info stall.

This lasted til 1pm, then came home with two large bags of compost, 150litres, which is already formulated into a growing medium so I'll mix it with my home compost and leafmould and loam mix.

Collected the children and did a bit of garden stuff, and after tea visited Ben and Gill, whom I met through Freecycle . They have moved to quite near us and I was able to see their garden and identify various plants for them. We are planning a combined LETS/Freecycle social event on June 9th so we talked about that, and other waste and recycling topics.

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