Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Tuesday 8th May 07

Quite a good day, no lie-in but nothing much in the exertion department as tired after an active 3-day weekend.

Firstly I logged on to the Community Care website and entered my weekly blog which was about the local elections and my feelings about not being elected.

At lunchtime Jo the composter came and she had made a quiche to share, but it had some milk in it and Gill can't have milk, so Jo and I went to the bakers and got some pasties, one of which Gill had for lunch. Good chats with Jo, she enjoys our company and feels very at-ease with us, which is a bit of a treat for her, as work is stressful for her and she spends more time at work than anywhere else.

I went to town after lunch and picked up compostables, and paid in a cheque and got one out to pay for some advertising in 'Families in the Vale of York' magazine, who have published a column by me about green and ethical parties, as well as my Fiddlesticks advert.

Got home just in time to go and pick up the kids, after which I cycled round the corner to pick up a Freecycled item for Pauline, which I'll deliver in a couple of days time when I visit her.

Gill created a lovely tea with mushrooms in a sauce with a mashed sweet potato and carrot topping, with melted cheese on top, grilled.

I then cycled over to Holgate to see Y who had offered me a load of hedge for shredding and composting, very valuable stuff for balancing the very putrescible stuff I bring back from the veg shop, as it's quite woody.

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